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  Directions to Kent State Ashtabula

Kent State University Ashtabula Campus

3300 Lake Road West
, OH 44004

Phone: (440) 964-3322

From North:

  1. The campus is on Route 531
  2. As a landmark, it's across the street from Lake Erie!

From West:

  1. Follow I-90 east to the State Route 45 exit.
  2. Turn left (north) on State Route 45 until it ends.
  3. Turn right (east) on Route 531 (Lake Road). 
  4. Remain on Route 531 for two miles until arriving at Kent State Ashtabula.

From South:

  1. Follow Route 11 north until it ends.
  2. Travel left (west) on Route 531 and follow signs through Historic Ashtabula Harbor.
  3. At Route 531 turn right at the light before McDonalds.
  4. Remain on this road for one and one-half miles until arriving at Kent State Ashtabula.

From East:

  1. Follow I-90 west to Route 11.
  2. Take Route 11 north.
  3. For the rest of the drive, follow directions from south (above).


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