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To help you more easily find the information you are looking for, this listing includes both official and nonofficial departmental listings.

Academic Computing Support 330-672-2256
      Technology Learning Center
Academic Personnel 330-672-2220
Academic Quality Improvement 330-672-8525
      Associate Provost
      Special Assistant to the Associate Provost
Academic Success Center 330-672-3190
Academic Testing Services 330-672-2360
Accounting, Department of 330-672-2545
Accounts Payable 330-672-2607
Administrative Affairs and Graduate Education 330-672-0552
      Graduate Student Services
Admissions Office 330-672-2444
      Admissions Office
Adult Services
Adult Student Center 330-672-7933
Adult, Counseling, Health and Vocational Education (Career Technical Teacher Education) 330-672-7977
Advanced Placement Program (College Board) 330-672-2312
Aeronautics, Division of (see Technology, College of )
      Captain Matthew Kupetz
      Dr. Edward Overchuk
      Dr. Isaac Richmond Nettey, Director
      Dr. Richard L. Mangrum
      Joshua Eyring
      Major Maureen McFarland
      Mr. Matthew Slusni
      Mrs. Dianne Walker
      Mrs. Sheila Lyons
      Professor Gary Dellapa
      Professor John Zehentbauer
      Professor Raymond Weber
      Professor Timothy L. Palcho
Aerospace Studies / Air Force ROTC 330-672-2182
      Commandant of Cadets
      Director/Professor of Aerospace Studies
      Education Officer
      Executive Officer
      Information Management NCO
      Senior Secretary
      Unit Admissions Officer
Affirmative Action Office (see Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action)
Air Force ROTC 330-672-2182
      Commandant of Cadets
      Director/Professor of Aerospace Studies
      Education Officer
      Executive Officer
      Information Management NCO
      Senior Secretary
      Unit Admissions Officer
Airport 330-672-2640
All Campus Programming Board (ACPB) 330-672-2338
Alumni Relations 330-672-5368 or 888-320-5368
Americorps*VISTA Service Leaders
      Justin Klusas
      Megan Odell-Scott
Annual Giving 330-672-2222
      Kent State University Phone Center
Anthropology, Department of 330-672-4363
Applied Conflict Management 330-672-3143
Applied Linguistics 330-672-1796
Architecture and Environmental Design, College of 330-672-2789
      Architecture Graduate Program
      Architecture Undergraduate Program
      CAED International Studies
      Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative
      Dean's Office
      Interior Design
Army ROTC (See Military Science)
Art, School of 330-672-2192
      Art Education
      Art Gallery
      Art History
      Crafts -- Ceramics, Glass, Jewelry/Metals, Textiles
      Fine Arts -- Drawing, Painting, Printmaking and Sculpture
      Graduate Studies in Art
      Kent Blossom Art
      Lab Equipment
      School of Art Downtown Gallery
Artemis Magazine 330-672-2586
      Artemis Magazine
Arts and Sciences, College of 330-672-2062
      BGS Program
      Business Office
      Curriculum Services
      Dean's Office
      Development Office
      Faculty Affairs
      Graduate Affairs
      LAN Administrator
      Student Services
      Undergraduate Advising
Arts, College of the 330-672-2760
      College of the Arts, Development
      College of the Arts, Office of Advising and Academic Services
Ashtabula Campus 440-964-3322
      Academic Advising
      Academic Services
      Business Office
      Business Office
      Communications & Marketing
      Communications & Marketing
      Communications & Marketing
      Corporate and Community Services
      Enrollment Management
      Enrollment Management
      Enrollment Management
      Financial Aid
      Post-Secondary Enrollment Options
      Public Relations
      Student Activities
      Student Services
      Student Services
Athletics (see Intercollegiate Athletics)
Audio Visual Services 330-672-3456
      Campus Copy Connection (formerly Library Copy Center)
      Classroom and Instructional Systems Design
      Classroom Services
      Copyright Clearance Services
      Design Solutions
      P.A. Service and AV Equipment Repair
      Photocopy Services
      Student Multimedia Studio
Banquet Sales 330-672-3305
Benefits 330-672-3107
Bibliography and Editing 330-672-2092
Biological Sciences, Department of 330-672-3613
      Graduate Office
Biomedical Sciences, Department of 330-672-2263
Biotechnology Program 330-672-3352
Black Greek Council 330-672-2480
Black United Students (BUS) 330-672-7985
Board of Trustees (see Governing Board)
Bookstore (see University Bookstore)
Building Maintenance 330-672-2345
Burr Magazine 330-672-2947
Bursar's Office 330-672-2626
Business Administration, College of 330-672-2772
      Bridgestone Professor of International Business
      Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation (CEBI)
      Computer Lab (College of Business Administration)
      Department of Accounting
      Department of Economics
      Department of Finance
      Department of Management and Information Systems
      Department of Marketing
      Development Office
      Firestone Chair of Corporate Finance
      Goodyear Executive Professor
      Graduate School Of Management
      John F. Fiedler-BorgWarner Endowed Chair in Global Business Studies
      Undergraduate Programs Office
      Web Center
Business Administrator Services 330-672-7500
Business Information Support Services 330-672-8629
Cafeteria Menu Selections
Campus Bus Services (PARTA) (330) 678-1287
Campus Environment and Operations 330-672-2345
      Building Automation and Communications System (BACC)
      Business and Supply
      Custodial Services
      Energy Management
      Fleet Services
      Hazardous Waste
      HVAC, Preventive and Zone Maintenance
      Occupational Health & Safety
      Pipefitters (Plumbers)
      Power Plant
      Receiving and Distribution
      Waste Management - Refuse and Recycling
Campus Ministries 330-672-4050
      Baha'i Faith of Kent
      Catholic Student Association (C.S.A.)
      Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship
      China Outreach Ministries
      Crossroads Christian Fellowship (Assemby of God)
      Dive,The/Campus Crusade for Christ
      Faith Lutheran Campus Ministry
      Fellowship of Christian Athletes/CCO
      Grace Baptist Church
      Hillel Jewish Student Center
      Hindu Universal Friendship Society
      Late Night Christian Fellowship/CCO
      Riverwood Community Chapel
      Trinity Lutheran Church
      Unitarian Universalist Church of Kent
      United Christian Ministries (UCM)
Career Services Center 330-672-2360
      Academic Testing
      Career Education
      On-Campus Recruiting
      Student Employment
Career Technical Teacher Education (Department of ACHVE-Adult, Counseling, Health and Vocational Education) 330-672-2656
Center for Applied Conflict Management (see Applied Conflict Management, Center for)
Center for Gift and Estate Planning
Center for Public Administration and Public Policy (see Public Administration and Public Policy, Center for)
Center for Student Involvement 330-672-2480
      Commuter Student; Programs and Activities
      Court Appointed Community Service
      Events and Activities
      Sororities and Fraternities
      Student Governance
      Student Leadership Development
      Student Organizations
Center for the Study and Development of Minority Businesses (see Study and Development of Minority Businesses, Center for)
Chemical Physics Interdisciplinary Program 330-672-2654
      Liquid Crystal Institute
Chemistry, Department of 330-672-2032
      Academic Laboratory
      Business Office
      Chemistry Department Main Office
      Chem-Physics Library
      Chem-Physics Shop
      Glass Shop
      Graduate Office
      Undergraduate Office
Chem-Physics Shop 330-672-2923
Child Development Center 330-672-2559
Clinical Experiences, Office of 330-672-2870
Columbus Program in Intergovernmental Issues 330-672-8948
Commencement/University Ceremonies 330-672-2235
Communication and Information, College of 330-672-2950
      Institute of Social and Cultural Informatics (ISCI)
Communication Studies, School of 330-672-2659
      Communication Instructional Resource Lab
      Communication Research Center
      Graduate Coordinator
      Undergraduate Advisor
      Undergraduate Coordinator
Communications (see University Communications and Marketing, Office of)
Community Service 330-672-2480
Commuter and Off-Campus Student Organization (COSO) 330-672-3768
Compensation 330-672-3107
Computational Math 330-672-9050
Computer Lab, College of Business Administration 330-672-3994
Computer Science, Department of 330-672-9980
Concessions 330-672-2541
Continuing and Distance Education, Office of 330-672-3237
      Distance Education
      Executive Director's Office
      Kent State On Demand
      Registration (Workshops/Programs)
      Senior Guest Student Program
Continuing Studies (see Continuing and Distance Education, Office of)
Controller's Office 330-672-2392
      Accounts Payable
      Equipment Inventory Control
      Financial Accounting
      Grants Accounting
      Receivables Accounting
Corporate and Community Services, Office of (330) 244-3508
      Contract Services - Employee and Organization Development
      Office of Corporate and Community Services
      Ohio Small Business Development Center at Kent State Stark
      Professional Development Programs
      Research and Evaluation Services
      Your Corporate University
Counseling and Human Development Center 330-672-2208
Counseling and Human Development Services (Department of ACHVE-Adult, Counseling, Health and Vocational Education)
      CHDS Doctoral Program
      Community and School Counseling Master's Degree Program
CTTE (see Career Technical Teacher Educator)
Curriculum Services 330-672-8558
Custodial Services 330-672-1982
CyberInformation 330-672-1458
Daily Kent Stater 330-672-2586
      Daily Kent Stater - Accounts Receivable / Payable
      Daily Kent Stater - Advertising
      Daily Kent Stater - Newsroom
Dance Division-Macc Annex 330-672-2069
Dietetic Internship Program, Graguate 330-672-2064
Dining Services - See University Dining Services
Distance Education (Office of Continuing and Distance Education)
Distributed Learning Scheduling
Diversity and Academic Initiatives 330-672-2442
East Liverpool Campus 330-385-3805
      Academic Services
      Admissions Office
      Associate Degree of Nursing Program
      Bookstore Manager
      Computer Systems
      Dean's Office
      Disability Services
      Financial Aid
      Legal Assisting program
      Library Services
      Occupational Therapy Assistant Technology
      Physical Therapy Assistant Program
      Workforce Development and Continuing Studies
      Workforce Development and Continuing Studies-Lisbon Office
Economics 330-672-2366
Education, Health, and Human Services, College of 330-672-2202
      Administrative Affairs and Graduate Education
      Dean's Office
      Graduate Student Services
      Instructional Resource Center
      International & Intercultural Education, Gerald H. Read Center for
      Professional Development and Outreach
      Research and Faculty Diversity
      School of Foundations, Leadership and Administration
      School of Health Sciences
      School of Lifespan Development and Educational Sciences
      School of Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Studies
      Vacca Office of Student Services
      Vacca Office of Student Services, Clinical Experiences / Student Teaching / Field Experience
Education/Clinical Experiences, College and Graduate School of 330-672-2870
Educational Foundations and Special Services 330-672-2294
Educational Leadership Services (CELS) 330-672-0667
Educational Student Life 330-672-2828
Educational Technology 330-672-9799
Electronic Media
Employee Relations 330-672-4636
EMSA 330-672-4050
End User Support 330-672-2736
Energy Management 330-672-4301
English 330-672-2676
Enrollment Management and Student Affairs 330-672-4050
      Community Service/Community-Based Learning
      Student Ombuds
Enterprise Support and Application Services 330-672-5020
Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action 330-672-2038
Executive MBA Office 330-672-3622
Exercise, Leisure and Sport 330-672-2012
      Athletic Training
      Graduate Coordinator
      Physical Education Basic
      Physical Education Professional
      Recreation, Park & Tourism Management
      Sport Management
Experimental and Integrative Studies 330-672-7910
Facilities Planning and Operations 330-672-3880
Faculty Affairs 330-672-2220
Faculty Professional Development Center 330-672-2992
      OLN NE Regional Center for Learning Communities
Faculty Senate 330-672-7822
Family and Consumer Studies 330-672-2197
      Didactic Program in Dietetics, Undergraduate
      Dietetic Internship Program, Graduate
      Graduate Certificate in Gerontology
      Human Development Center
      Nonprofit/Human Service Management Certificate Program
Fashion Design and Merchandising 330-672-3010
Fashion Museum 330-672-3450
Finance 330-672-1205
Financial Affairs
      Bursar's Office
      Business Administrator Services
      Comptroller's Office
      Ice Arena
      Mail Services
      Treasury, Tax & Risk Management Services
Financial Aid (see Student Financial Aid)
Fine and Professional Arts, College of (see Arts, College of the)
Fire Safety Services (Dept. of Public Safety) 330-672-0831
FLASHcard Office 330-672-2273
Fleet Services 330-672-2345
Flight Training 330-672-2610
Food Court 330-672-2554
French (see Modern and Classical Languages, Department of )
Geauga Campus 440-834-4187
      Academic Support
      Admissions and Records
      Business Services
      Network Services
      Student Services
      Twinsburg Center
      Workforce Development
GED Scholars Initiative 330-672-4641
Geography 330-672-2045
Geology 330-672-2680
      Joseph D. Ortiz, Graduate Coordinator
German (see Modern and Classical languages, Department of)
Gerontology 330-672-9993
Gift and Estate Planning, Center for
      Center for Gift and Estate Planning
Golf Course 330-672-2500
      Club House
      Course Maintenance
Governing Board 330-672-2050
Government Relations 330-672-7890
Graduate School of Management 330-672-2282
Graduate Student Senate (GSS) 330-672-5860
Graduate Student Services - Education 330-672-2576
      Administrative Affairs and Graduate Education
Greek (see Modern and Classical languages, Department of)
Grounds 330-672-0817
Health Education and Promotion (Department of ACHVE-Adult, Counseling, Health and Vocational Education) 330-672-7977
Health Services (see University Health Services)
Helpdesk 330-672-HELP
History, Department of 330-672-2882
Honors College 330-672-2312
      Admissions and Study Abroad
      Alumni Relations and Student Life
      Curriculum, National Fellowships, Senior Thesis
      Experimental and Intergrative Studies, LER, and URCC
      Recruitment, Scholarships, Guest-of-Honor Series
Human Development Center 330-672-9993
Human Resource Services 330-672-2901
      Labor Relations
      Talent Acquisition
      Training and Development
Huntington Bank 330-672-7940
Ice Arena 330.672.2414
Information Architecture and Knowledge Management 330-672-5840
Information Services, Division of 330-672-4704
      Application Services
      Educational Technology
      End User and Business Services
      End User Support
      Enterprise Support and Application Services
      Information Services Administrative Group
      Information Services Project Manager, Business & Finance
      Information Services Project Manager, Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
      Information Services Project Manager, Human Resources
      Information Services Project Manager, Institutional Advancement
      Infrastructure and Operations
      Network Services
      Office of the Vice President for Information Services (CIO)
      Project Management
      Security and Access Management
      Server Support
Infrastructure and Operations 330-672-1313
      End User Support
      Help Desk
      Network Services
      Server Support
Institute for the Study and Prevention of Violence (see, Study and Prevention of Violence, Institute for the)
Institutional Advancement 330-672-7330
      Advancement Operations
      Advancement Services
      Alumni Relations
      Annual Giving
      Center for Gift and Estate Planning
      Constituent Programs
      Corporate & Foundation Relations
      Donor Services & Special Events
      Institutional Advancement, Office of
      Kent State University Foundation, Inc.
      Prospect Management & Research
Integrated Life Sciences Department 330-672-3015
Intercollegiate Athletics 330-672-5974
      Athletic Advancement Office
      Athletic Academic and Student Services
      Athletic Administrative Services
      Athletic Compliance
      Athletic Director
      Athletic Equipment Room - Dix Stadium
      Athletic Equipment Room - MAC Center
      Athletic Facilities and Operations
      Athletic Field House
      Athletic Ticket Office
      Athletic Training - Dix Stadium
      Athletic Training - MAC Center
      Athletics Communications
      Basketball (Men's)
      Basketball (Women's)
      Corporate Relations/Marketing & Promotions
      Field Hockey (Women's)
      Golf (Men's)
      Golf (Women's)
      Golf Course - Maintenance Office
      Golf Course Club House
      Gymnastics (Women's)
      Soccer (Women's)
      Strength and Conditioning
      Track and Field/Cross Country
      Volleyball (Women's)
Interfraternity Council 330-672-2480
Interior Design 330-672-5833
Internal Audit 330-672-2341
International Affairs, Office of 330-672-7980
      International Admissions
      International Student and Scholar Services
International and Comparative Programs
International and Intercultural Education 330-672-3585
IS Security and Administration 330-672-4704
      Information Services Administrative Group
      Security and Access Management
Italian (see Modern and Classical languages, Department of)
Jewish Studies Program 330-672-8926
Journalism and Mass Communication 330-672-2572
      Equipment Services Lab
      JMC Advising Office
Judicial Affairs 330-672-4054
Justice Studies 330-672-2775
      Justice Studies Computer Lab
      Law Enforcement Education Ctr./Police Academy
Kent Blossom Music 330-672-2613
Kent Blossom Theatre 330-672-3884
Kent Interhall Council (KIC) 330-672-3121
Kent Shop 330-672-2652
Kent State on Demand (Office of Continuing and Distance Education)
Kent State Phone Center (Annual Giving) 330-672-9507
Kent State University Foundation 330-672-2222
      KSU Foundation
Kent State University Museum 330-672-3450
      Exhibits Coordinator
      Museum Curator
      Museum Registrar
      Visitor Services
Kent State University Press 330-672-7913
Kent Student Center 330-672-2554
      Banquet Sales
      FLASHcard Office
      Food Court
      Huntington Bank
      KSC Operations
      Pete's Arena-Rathskeller
      Post Office
      Programming (Music Listening Ctr/Gallery/Signum Design/Sign Shop)
      Schwebel Garden Room
      University Bookstore
      University Conference Bureau
      University Scheduling Office
Labor Relations 330-672-2901
Latin (see Modern and Classical languages, Department of)
Legal Affairs (see University Counsel or Student Legal Services)
Legal Services (see University Counsel or Student Legal Services)
Liberal Education Requirements (LER) Program 330-672-2312
Library and Information Science 330-672-2782
      Academic Program Coordinator
      Columbus Location
      Multimedia Design
      Public Relations
Library, Trumbull Campus
Liquid Crystal Institute (330) 672-2654
      Chemical Physics Interdisciplinary Program
LMS Systems 330-672-1646
Luna Negra 330-672-2586
      Luna Negra
Lyman L. Lemnitzer Center for NATO and European Union Studies 330-672-7980
Mail Services 330-672-2164
Management and Information Systems 330-672-2750
Marketing 330-672-2170
Marketing (see Regional Development Outreach Marketing)
Marketing (see University Communications and Marketing, Office of)
Master of Public Administration Program (MPA) 330-672-3239
Materials Informatics Lab 330-672-0021
Materials Informatics, Center for 330-672-0021
Mathematical Sciences 330-672-2430
      Banach Center for Mathematical Analysis
      Institute for Computational Mathematics
Media Services 330-672-3456
      Media Services Administration
Military Science/Army ROTC 330-672-2769
      Director/Professor of Military Science
      Enrollment and Admissions
      Human Resource Admin
      Human Resource Assistant
      MS I Instructor
      MS II Instructor
      MS III Instructor
      Operations Officer
Minority Businesses, Center for the Study and Development of (see Study and Development of Minority Businesses, Center for)
Modern and Classical Language Studies 330-672-2150
      Institute of Applied Linguistics
Moulton Hall -- Ohio Learning Network 330-672-1653
Moulton Hall Scheduling 330-672-9799
Museum (see Kent State University Museum)
Music 330-672-2172
      African Ensemble
      Athletic Bands
      Gospel Choir
      Jazz Band
      Kent Chorus/KSU Chorale/Women's Chorus
      Kent Classic Arts
      Men's Chorus
      Music Library
      University Band
      Wind Ensemble/Concert Band
NATO and European Union Studies (see Lyman L. Lemnitzer Center for NATO and European Union Studies )
NEO Beam
Network Services 330-672-HELP
New Media Center
Nonprofit/Human Service Management Certificate Program 330-672-5380
Northeast Ohio Trade and Economic Consortium (NEOTEC) 330-672-4080
Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine 1-800-686-2511
Nursing 330-672-7930
      Dean's Office
      Office of Research and Graduate Affairs
      Office of Student Services
Occupational Health and Safety 330-672-9565
      Hazardous Waste
Office of Student Success 330-672-8700
Ohio Award For Excellence 330-672-2102
Ohio Employee Ownership Center/Political Science 330-672-3028
Ohio Learning Network 330-672-1653
Ohio Literacy Resource Center 330-672-2007
Ombuds (See Student Ombuds)
Operations 330-672-3700
Pan-African Studies 330-672-2300
Panhellenic Council 330-672-9830
Parking Services (Dept. of Public Safety) 330-672-4432
      After hours call Police Services
      Motorist Assistance
      Parking Services Maintenance
Payroll 330-672-8640
Personnel (see Human Resource Services and Solutions)
Philosophy 330-672-2315
      Graduate Student Offices
      Health Care Ethics Program
      Religion Studies Program
Photography (see University Communications and Marketing, Office of)
Physics 330-672-2246
      Center for Nuclear Research
      Chem-Phys Shop
      Kent State University Planetarium
Police Services (Dept. of Public Safety) 330-672-3070
      Crime Prevention/Alarms
      Emergency Reporting
      Nonemergency Requests for Police Assistance
      Records and Information
Political Science 330-672-2060
      Center for Applied Conflict Management
      Center for Public Administration and Public Policy
      Center for the Study and Development of Minority Businesses
      Columbus Program in Intergovernmental Issues
      Master of Public Administration Program (MPA)
      Ohio Employee Ownership Center
      Prelaw Advising
      Washington Program in National Issues
Porthouse Theatre 330-672-3884
Portuguese (see Modern and Classical Languages, Department of)
Postsecondary Enrollment Options Program (PSEOP) 330-672-2920
Power Plant 330-672-4301
Prelaw Advising 330-672-8939
President 330-672-2210
PRIDE! Kent 330-672-2068
Procurement 330-672-2276
Procurement/Payments (see Accounts Payable)
Professional Development and Outreach, Office of 330-672-0538
Program on Electron Beam Technology
Project Management 330-672-2191
      Project Management: Business & Finance
      Project Management: Academic Affairs
      Project Management: Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
      Project Management: Human Resources
      Project Management: Information Services
      Project Management: Institutional Advancement
      Project Management: University Communications & Marketing
PROVOST 330-672-2220
      Academic Budget and Finance
      Academic Personnel
      Curriculum Services
      Faculty Affairs
      Provost's Office
      Quality Initiatives and Curriculum
      Special Projects
      Trustees Professor
      University Ceremonies/Commencement
Psychology 330-672-2166
      Applied Psychology Center
      Psychological Clinic
      Psychology Graduate Admissions
      Psychology Undergraduate Office
Public Administration and Public Policy 330-672-7148
Public Safety 330-672-3111
      Crime Prevention/Alarms
      Fire Safety Services
      Nonemergency Requests for Police Assistance
      Parking Services
      Police Services
      Records and Information
      Transportation Services
Public Service and Outreach Programs (Office of Continuing and Distance Education) 330-672-3102
Reading and Writing Development Center 330-672-2836
Rec Center (See Student Recreation and Wellness Center)
Receiving and Distribution 330-672-8704
Records 330-672-2901
Recreational Services 330.672.4732
      Allerton Sports Complex
      Ice Arena
      Student Recreation and Wellness Center
Recruitment and Retention 330-672-2038
Regional Campuses 330-672-2286
      Regional Campuses/Academic and Student Services
      Regional Campuses/Business Services
Regional Campuses/Business Services 330-672-3400
Regional Corporate and Community Services 330-672-5828
Registrar 330-672-3131
Research and Evaluation Bureau 330-672-7918
      Research and Evaluation Bureau
Research and Graduate Studies 330-672-3012
      Business Office
      Graduate Studies
      Laboratory Safety
      Sponsored Programs
      Technology Transfer
Research Center for Educational Technology 330-672-5995
      A T & T Classroom
      Research Center for Educational Technology (RCET)
      The Journal of the Research Center for Educational Technology
Research, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness 330-672-7901
Residence Services 330-672-7000
      Allerton Apartments Office
      New Front/Centennial Area Desk (Dunbar)
      Quad Area Desk (Stopher Hall)
      Tri-Towers/Korb Area Desk (Rotunda)
      Twin /Eastway Area Desk (Beall Hall)
Russian (see Modern and Classical Languages, Department of)
Salem Campus 330-332-0361
      Academic Center
      Admissions Counselor
      Appalachian Access
      Disability Services
      Records/Admissions and Financial Aid
      Student Services
      Student Services
      Workforce Development and Continuing Studies
      Workforce Development and Continuing Studies
Schwebel Garden Room 330-672-2583
Security and Access Management, Office of 330-672-4704
Senior Guest Student Program (Office of Continuing and Distance Education) 330-672-2002
Server Support 330-672-1652
Small Business Development Center at Kent State Stark
      Small Business Development Center
Sociology 330-672-2562
      Graduate Admissions
      Graduate Advising
      Survey Research Lab Director
      Undergraduate Advising
Spanish (see Modern and Classical Languages, Department of)
Spanish and Latino Student Association (SALSA) 330-672-9829
Speech and Hearing Clinic 330-672-2672
Speech Pathology and Audiology 330-672-2672
      Speech & Hearing Clinic
Stark Campus 330-499-9600
      Academic Advising
      Business and Administrative Services
      Business Office
      Corporate and Community Services
      Counseling Center
      Dean's Office
      External Affairs
      Financial Aid
      Fine Arts
      Health and Wellness Center
      Human Resources
      Marketing Department
      Network Services
      Public Relations
      Small Business Development Center
      Student Accessibility Services
      Student Services
      University Center at Kent State Stark
Student Advising Center 330-672-3676
Student Accessibility Services 330-672-3391
Student Disability Services
Student Employment 330-672-2360
Student Financial Aid 330-672-2972
      Student Financial Aid System
Student Legal Services 330-672-9550
Student Media 330-672-2586
      Accounting - Student Media
      Advertising - Student Media
      Artemis Magazine
      Black Squirrel Radio
      Burr Magazine
      Daily Kent Stater
      Luna Negra
Student Multicultural Center 330-672-3560
Student Ombuds 330-672-9494
Student Recreation and Wellness Center 330-672-4732
Study and Development of Minority Businesses, Center for 330-672-5307
Study and Prevention of Violence 330-672-7917
Summer Sessions
      (Provost's Office)
Talent Acquisition 330-672-2100
Teaching, Leadership and Curriculum Studies 330-672-2580
      Adolescence/Young Adult Education
      Curriculum and Instruction - Graduate
      Early Childhood Education
      Educational Administration
      Middle Childhood Education
      Secondary Education - MAT
Technology, College of 330-672-2892
      Advising Office (Undergraduates)
      Aeronautics Division
      Aeronautics Division - Flight Training
      Graduate Program
      Manufacturing Small Business Development Center
      Office of the Assistant Dean
      Office of the Associate Dean
      Office of the Dean
Telecommunications 330-672-HELP
      Cellphones & Blackberry (Ordering & Information)
Teleproductions 330-672-2810
      CD/DVD Duplication
      Teleconferencing Service
      Video Duplication/Standards Conversions
      Video Engineering and Operations
      Video Production
      Video Streaming
Theatre and Dance 330-672-2082
Training and Development 330-672-2100
Transfer Center 330-672-8950
Transportation Services (Dept. of Public Safety)
Treasury, Tax and Risk Management 330-672-3751
Trumbull Campus 330-847-0571
      Academic Affairs
      Business and Administrative Services
      Dean's Office
      Enrollment Management
      Police Academy
      Student Services
      Workforce Development and Continuing Studies
Tuscarawas Campus 330-339-3391
      Academic Services
      Artist-Lecture and Featured Speaker Series
      Business Office
      Career Resource Center
      Continuing Education
      Educational Opportunity Center
      Financial Aid
      Network Services
      Ohio Small Business Development Center
      Public Relations
      Student Disability Services
      Workforce Development
TV2 330-672-2586
Twinsburg Center (see Geauga Campus)
Uhuru Magazine 330-672-2586
Undergraduate Business Administration 330-672-2872
      Undergraduate Programs Office
      Undergraduate Programs Office
Undergraduate Student Senate (USS) 330-672-3207
Undergraduate Studies 330-672-9292
      Academic Success Center
      First Year Advising Center
      First Year Experience/FLASHPoint
      Placement, Advising & Scheduling System (PASS)
      Post Secondary Enrollment Options Program (PSEOP)
      Pre-College Programs
      Upward Bound Programs
University Architect 330-672-3880
University Bookstore 330-672-2762
      Kent Shop-MACC
University Budget Office 330-672-3750
University Communications and Marketing 330-672-2727
University Conference Bureau 330-672-3161
University Counsel 330-672-2982
University Dining Services 330-672-2541
      Banquet Sales
      Business Office
      FLASHcard Office
      Michael Schwartz Center Snack Bar
      Pete's Arena/Rathskeller
      Schwebel Garden Room
      Summit Street Cafe
University Diversity
University Health Services 330-672-2322
      Medical Services
      Office of Student Health Promotion
      Psychological Services
University Libraries 330-672-3150
      Administrative Office
      Architecture Library
      Audio Visual Services
      Chemistry/Physics Library
      Circulation Desk
      Fashion Library
      Information Commons
      Instructional Services
      Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery
      Map Library
      Mathematics & Computer Sciences Library
      Media Services
      Music Library
      Periodical Information Desk
      Reference Dept. Offices
      Reference Services and Government Doc. Desk
      Special Collections and Archives
      Student Multimedia Studio
University Partnership-Urban Initiative
University Press (see Kent State University Press, The)
University Relations -- Marketing Research, Segmentation and Engagement Services -- Outreach Marketing 330-672-3232
University Scheduling Office 330-672-3202
University Teaching Council 330-672-2992
Upward Bound Programs 330-672-2920
      Upward Bound
      Upward Bound
      Upward Bound
      Upward Bound
      Upward Bound
      Upward Bound
      Upward Bound
      Upward Bound
Urban Design Center 216-357-3434; from Kent Campus, 7-3434
Vice President for Academic Affairs (see Provost, Office of the)
Vice President for Administration, Office of the 330-672-2422
Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs 330-672-4050
Vice President for Human Resources 330-672-2217
Vice President for Information Services 330-672-4704
      see Information Services for complete department listing
Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Office of the 330-672-7330
      Alumni Relations
      KSU Foundation
      Office of University Development
Vice President for Regional Development, Office of the 330-672-8540
      Economic Development Outreach
      Education Outreach and Continuing Studies
      Regional Campuses -- Outreach and Administration
Vice President for University Relations, Office of the 330-672-7882
      Government Relations
      University Communications and Marketing
      WKSU-FM Radio
Visual Communication Design 330-672-7856
      Apple Computer Store
      VCD Academic Advisor
      VCD Academic Advisor
Vocational Education (Department of ACHVE-Adult, Counseling, Health and Vocational Education) (See Career Technical Teacher Education)
VOED (see Career Technical Teacher Educator)
Washington Program In National Issues 330-672-8944
Water Resources Research Institute 330-672-0091
      Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI)
Wick Poetry Center 330-672-2067
WKSU-FM 330-672-3114
Women's Resource Center 330-672-9230
Women's Studies
Workshop Registration (Office of Continuing and Distance Education) 330-672-3100
Writing Center (see Writing Commons)
Writing Commons 330-672-1787
Writing Program (330) 672-2124